Stay Healthy!

All players must follow the club’s Covid/Health policy

SMA Pickleball Club Covid Policy


updated January 2022

This policy will be in effect immediately and until further notice.

Above all we ask that members be respectful and kind to all members. Our intent is to have all our members feel safe on the courts.

1. All members must add a vaccine status to their profile on Playtime Scheduler. If you have chosen to only have your last name initial display then add the initials after your first name. If you’ve chosen to display your full last name you can add them after that.

The initials to use are: (FV) Fully vaccinated; (FV+B) Fully vaccinated plus Booster; (1V) One dose; (UV) unvaccinated; (AB) Abstain

  1. Every player has the right to respectfully ask their partner their vaccination status and if not fully vaccinated to request that the player wear a mask. The player asking must also wear a mask. If the player refuses to wear a mask s/he relinquishes their spot on the court and waits for the next turn.
    1. This protects the person wearing a mask from being exposed to the virus and protects the people around them from being exposed to more viral particles.
    2. This makes those choosing to not get vaccinated accountable for keeping others safe.
    3. This allows all members to continue playing.
  2. For the moment, do not shake hands after a game etc. Congratulations /thanks can be made by waving/touching paddles.
  3. If a player has recently traveled by air (internationally or nationally) they need to wear a mask on and off the courts for 5 days after arriving regardless of vaccination status, or hold off on playing.
  4. Off the court we ask that you maintain a safe distance of 6 feet.
  5. If you (or anyone in your household) have any symptoms of a cold or other illness, DO NOT come to the courts until you are 100% better.




Zero Tolerance Policy

  • Aggressive and abusive behavior towards others will not be tolerated. Please bring any incidents you are uncomfortable with to the attention of the board.
  • Falsifying information, deliberately lying about your vaccine status will result in being dismissed from the club.

If you experience any symptoms of Covid-19, and of any variant ie Omicron, have a fever, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell etc. DO NOT come to the courts, stay home and seek medical attention.

If you test positive for Covid-19 notify a board member so that they may let those you played with (over the previous 3 days) know so that those players can follow safety procedures. Whether or not you have symptoms, DO NOT come to the courts. Follow all guidelines from the WHO or CDC regarding quarantine, isolation, mask wearing etc.

  • Failure to notify the club of a positive Covid test result if you’ve played within 2 days of when symptoms began, or, if asymptomatic, within 2 days of a positive result will result in a 14-day suspension from the club.


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