2nd Annual Community Games
July 20, 2024

Experience the thrill of competition and the feeling of camaraderie as we compete against 4-Player teams from neighboring communities.

Games followed by an after party!

  • 24 team spots available
  • Teams of 4: 2 women & 2 men
  • The divisions will be based on aggregate DUPR scores
  • MLP style games w/rally scoring
  • 1600 pesos/team (includes prizes and an after party)

July 20, 2024

Event Details


  • Teams are made up of 2 women and 2 men
  • We encourage teams to have fun with uniforms and team concepts!  It’s part of the excitement~

A Match

  • Game 1: Women’s Doubles – Rally to 15
  • Game 2: Men’s Doubles – Rally to 15
  • Games 3 & 4: Mixed Doubles (all players must play) – Rally to 15

If there is a tie after 4 games (2-2), a Dream-Breaker Round will be played


This is a unique tiebreaker system that starts with each team selecting an order for their four players to play, writing it down and handing it to the other team BEFORE play begins. 

The players then battle it out in singles Pickleball in the agreed order, playing four points before rotating and letting the next player take over.  Rally scoring to 21.

DUPR Divisions

  • DUPR 16 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 16.0)
  • DUPR 14 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 14.0)
  • DUPR 12  (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 12.0)

**Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 4.0 to play in DUPR 14                   

**Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 3.50 to play in DUPR 12

Here is an example of a qualifying team:

Player One:  3.25
Player Two:  3.70
Player Three: 3.12
Player Four: 3.55

Total DUPR Score: 13.62 so this team would play in DUPR 14

DUPR Account

  • To sign up for Community Games, a DUPR account is required BEFORE your team is registered .
  • Once a team registers for Community Games, their rates are “locked” and their DUPR increasing or decreasing will not impact the team’s aggregate or division placement.

**If you don’t have a DUPR score yet, no problem – non rated players can play – their ratings will be estimated

**If your DUPR score has fewer than 10 games and/or no games in the past 6 months, the tournament director reserves the right to adjust the score.


Game Format/Rules

  • For the games, each team captain must write down the team order on the score card, BEFORE any games in the match begin
  • Each Match will consist of four consecutive games
  • Rally scoring to 15, win by 1 and you MUST win on your serve
  • Players do not switch sides after winning points. Player A starts on the right side and serves when the score is even and Player B serves from the left side when the score is odd. Player A and B must also receive serves on their respective side.
  • A team may choose to switch player sides during end change when the first team reaches 8 points OR during any timeouts. Teams must announce they are making the change before play resumes.
  • One time-out per game for each team
  • Regardless of outcome, all four games will be played in a match
  • If there is a tie after 4 games (2-2), a Dream-Breaker Round will be played


Price: 400 pesos/player, 1600 pesos/team

Send your payment receipt via WhatsApp to 415-156-4295

Includes prizes and a party after the tournament! 

Family and friends are free to join the games, if they want to join the after party the cost is 200 pesos/adult and 100 pesos/child.

Payments can be made to the bank below or in person at Los Muertos Clothing: Ancha de San Antonio 17, Zona Centro, 37700

How to Register (Teams)

There are spots for 24 teams in the Community Games and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis

Team Captains must register their complete team and pay the registration fee in order to be eligible for a spot. 

This means that the team has all 4 players, including the minimum required numbers of each gender, and every person on the roster must have a DUPR account.

Single Registrations

If you want to play in the Community Games but cannot form a team, the tournament director will do their best to place you on a team. For players that are not placed, thus not playing the event, their registration fees will be refunded.


Please email questions to [email protected]

Please WhatsApp questions to +52 415-156-4295

Register Your Team for the 2nd Annual Community Games!

Join us for an exciting day of competition and camaraderie at the 2nd Annual Community Games in beautiful San Miguel de Allende! Ensure your team gets a spot.  Remember, every player must have a DUPR account to participate. Don’t miss out on the fun—follow the event rules and secure your spot now!