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All about creating your PTS account, signing up, ratings and more…

Court Guidelines:

Only 6 players per court, 4 players + 2 waiting to rotate in.

Only sign-up for 1 session per timeslot (ok to be on a waiting list as well as a court). ALL 8:30 am sessions will be opened by the Club.

SHOW UP if signed into a game. If you cancel, please do so the night before (we understand that you might wake up sick, etc). Waitlisted players are NOT in the game. If you show up and are not signed up, do not expect to play.

ROTATION: The Club standard for play is Losers come off the court. Winners split and then leave the court after having played two games. The players waiting rotate onto the available court. All players must agree if there is to be a different rotation order.

TIME: A group is only allowed to play for 2 hours when other players are waiting. 8:30 am players MUST release the court at 10:30! If you start a game after 10:15 you may NOT FINISH it without consent from the 10:30 am players. Be courteous, don’t start a game at 10:25!

  • Report “no-shows” so Club can monitor them, repeat offenders will be blocked for a set time-frame, typically 2 weeks.
  • Please be courteous on the courts, keep score and announce it clearly before serving.
  • Each member is allowed 1 guest but must specify guest’s name, and rating in the notes.
  • Any player of lower or upper rating may be invited to play in a session by a player signed up for that session.
  • Courts of same ratings will mix in with each other only if players agree.
  • On Saturdays one of the basketball courts is reserved for beginner/teaching sessions.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding. Have a good game.

Court Assignments:

The club will open up the 8:30 – 10:30 am games 4 weeks in advance. From 10:30 am on players may open up their own sessions. Any sessions opened up beyond the 4-week time-frame will be deleted.



When signing up for PTS enter your self-rating based on USAPA Ratings Definitions or a tournament you have played in. The club no longer accepts fractional ratings of .25 or .75.

How to challenge another player’s self-rating or your own:

A player may request a rating increase, or another player may challenge a player’s rating by sending an official request in writing via email to the club with an explanation as to why.

To  challenge another player’s rating, or to change your own rating, the Rating Committee will use the following system:

A skill or game session will be set up for the player challenging/challenged.

  • The Challenger must successfully score 24 points over three (3) games in the  session.
  • Play will rotate so that Challenger plays with each of the other three players.
  • If the Challenger accumulates the necessary 24 points, their rating will remain the same or increase if it was lower.
  • If the Challenger does not meet the requirements, the rating committee will lower the rating or rating will remain the same.
  • Challenger must wait two months before requesting an opportunity to re-rate.

To Sign Up:

To play, you must use the registration system: Pickleball Scheduler (PTS). It is a simple web interface and only takes a couple of minutes to create a free account, all players must create their own account.

Here is more information about the scheduler.
Thank you for using the Scheduler!

Create Your Own Account:

Go to

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Scroll down and choose Mexico in the “Select your country” section.
  4. Scroll down and choose Guanajuato in the “Select your state/province” section.
  5. Click on “San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MX” which appears in the blue box. (Only option available)
  6. Enter your:

Email Address (twice),
First Name,
Last Name,
Display Last Name As (choose full name or Initial only),
Country, choose Mexico from drop-down menu
Zip/Postal Code,
Choose your highest Skill Level Rating*
Choose email preferences‡ about new sessions that match your skill level and location, Yes or No (NOTE: these can be changed/customized later by clicking on the My Account button).

7. You can choose to create a Password or not.
8. Check “Accept Cookies.”
9. Complete the anti-spam verification question.
10. Click Register.

*RATING: Note, the system automatically adds your rating next to your name.

‡ EMAILS: In order to not receive a ton of emails about sessions being added etc. we strongly recommend that once you have set up your account, you go to My Account, select Emails from a tab at the top and go through and uncheck what you don’t want to receive.

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